Billing F.A.Q. 2

Frequently Asked Questions relating to Billing and Payments.

Domains F.A.Q 3

Frequently Asked Questions related to your Domain

Web Hosting F.A.Q. 9

Web Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

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 What is overselling?

Overselling is when a provider ofers more than what it can provide. This practice is common in...

 What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service where you can put (or upload in geek parlance) your website in a server...

 My website is broken! Will you help me fix it?

At Floro Works, our customers always come first. Though Floro Works' only provide web hosting and...

 Can I host adult content on my website?

We used to allow legal adult content on our servers, however recent internal policy changes no...

 How come other hosts offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth and you dont?

Most hosts nowadays advertise their service as "unlimited disk space", "unlimited bandwidth",...

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